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The integrated web-based state of the art technology Information System is developed to meet the specialized management needs of Vocational Education – Training companies. The Vocational – Educational Programs, which are the main activity of their field, require painstaking and continuous efforts to be organized – executed since they are addressed to specific groups of trainees with usually specific criteria while requiring the observance of many and combined factors.

The correlation of the financial data of the programs in terms of profit and loss (P&L) and human resources is worked out with the custom operation of an advanced ERP.

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With the leading experience and know-how in the development of Vocational Education – Training Program Management systems and ERP, we inspired:

The unique web-based solution that leads to the digital transformation of Vocational Education - Training enterprises

The way to combine business resources and complex data following simple and effective procedures

The methods that ensure the rational management of data and training requirements to make enterprises efficient and competitive

It is a specially adapted e-tool for managing data of individuals and enterprises, which meets the standards of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It offers the possibility of massive Data Import with multiple user defined criteria. The data of Individuals and Enterprises which are kept, meet the requirements of the various training programs regardless of the Entity that announces them.

The basic functions of the system include the Creation of Campaigns, the management of the Communication History produced by a specially configured multifunction screen (Call Center) and the electronic maintenance of the Physical Archive of Individuals & Enterprises.

The result of the Campaigns is completed with the submission of the necessary Application Form for Participation per Program and according to the requirements. The system correlates automatically the data of Individuals & Enterprises.

The Vocational Programs with all their details (Regardless of the Category of Programs) are defined parametrically by the enterprise itself and no adjustment is required by the development company.

The system covers the Structure of the Programs (process of creating classes – courses with trainees), the Scheduling (Objects, Schedules etc), the Execution and the Monitoring (Absences, Instructors) offering the automated production of the foreseen by category Reports – Statements.
The system manages the analytical data of the Instructors – Trainers and the assigned Contracts per Program which they sign with the Education – Training Entities.

At the strongest points we should point out the possibility of Monitoring by Program the Deliverables (Agreements, Submission of Statements, Supporting Documents, etc.), the Financial Data (Budgeting – Profit & Loss) that are automatically related to the invoices coming of the Financial Management of ERP.

Finally, iNSPIRE generates automatically the files submitted (XML format, etc.) to the Social Security Organizations and Tax Authorities.

The capabilities provided in addition to the other subsystems include the Purchasing Management, the Sales (Invoicing – Electronic Documents) and the Warehouse – Item Management.

Important functionalities and automated procedures have been integrated in the Financial Management that covers the observance of the General Accounting (Automated Registrations, Fast Entries), the Management of the Financial (Receipts – Payments, Open Items) and Fixed Assets.

The procedures of VAT Extract, the Procedures for Balance Sheet, are offered with a parametric definition by the company while the mining for many Statistical Reports & Financial Statements is included.

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