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NAVIGON Maritime Software

A specialized web based Platform that meets the needs of enterprises operating in the field of Broker services for Shipping Sales & Purchasing (S&P), Chartering and Crew Hiring for ships.

It contributes to the creation of business networks in which authorized users, such as: Ship Owners, Ship Management Companies, Ship Brokers and other Parties (Law Firms etc) participate with access rights.

The platform provides the users with the ability to send & receive Inquiries via e-mail and manages the data of ships provided by reputable and well known Ship Data Providers. With automated functionalities, it correlates Inquiries and makes proposes, depending on the criteria defined by the user.

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For the effective implementation of successful operations for the means, freights and crews in the field of Maritime, the participation of many parties with different roles and responsibilities is necessary. Navigon takes care of the ideal approach…

The collection and processing of Inquiries for Ships, Freights and Crews are set out on the Navigon platform

Shipowners, Charterers and Brokers, finally have a reliable tool with which they can develop a business network to serve their interests

Shipping companies are led to the digital age, utilizing technological environments that transform conventional methods of communication into fully usable data sets

The platform manages the data of the involved parties (Ship Owners, Brokers, Ship Management Companies, Law Firms etc) and the data of the Ships are provided and updated by reputable Ship Data Providers.

By sending and receiving Inquiries for ships through e-mails which are automatically decoded, they are easily and simply connected to new offers and emails.

Inquiries are correlated with complex and advanced searching functions with multiple user-defined criteria.

It is possible to monitor the Purchase and Sale procedures (Tasks – Subtasks, Time Scheduling) from the expression of interest (LOI), the authorized disclosure to the sign of Contracts and the execution of payments to the beneficiaries.

Management of all categories of Charters and the characteristics of the Freight is provided

Ship Inquiries are sent and received via e-mails and are automatically decoded according to their text to be fully managed by the System.

Inquiries are searched and correlated to determine the availability of ship types (according to the offers managed by the Platform).

The procedures up to the completion of the Charter Agreement are fully monitored.

The platform provides the ability for Authorized users to Submit Inquiries for crews or crew members (Crew groups or Individuals)

The platform provides the ability to manage crews with certain templates as well as CVs of each member.

For each crew member, the work availability can be imported or updated by the agents and through the Advanced Searching of the platform with free user defined criteria (such as experience, age, qualifications, salary, etc.), crew groups or specific individuals can be found. The Search process can be repeated without restrictions until the requirements are met.

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