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iFORM Information Technologies is a leading company in developing web systems and applications. The world-wide known PHP technology contributed to create our own dynamic framework. This gives our products the advantage of non-amendments from other products (tools) and no further costs (royalties etc). Our products have the flexibility of operating in all Operation Systems and Data Bases. Depending on projects’ specific needs, other technologies and tools can be also used.

Our company’s products provide our clients with interoperability features with other systems and applications by exchanging information and data in an automated way.

  • Web Services

    Depending on each project’s specific needs, our company develops the essential web services meeting the needs of real-time sending and receiving important data provided by independent systems.

  • Midware

    In order to achieve the interoperability between independent systems and applications, our company develops the proper midware. The midware programs are designed and operate in such way to reassure the needed interoperability at highest levels of security.

  • Data Exchange

    The raising requirements for Data Exchange from medium level system users (no special knowledge or know-how needed) led our company in developing features which give the users the ability to exchange data with other Information Systems (Both Import and Export) in an easy and simple way.

  • Messaging

    Among the business needs our products meet, the companies’ people want to communicate with others from inside or outside. In this way, our products are developed to provide our clients with interactive communication and auto messaging (email, phone text) even in combination with system task completion (for example Proof of Delivery). The communication features can be automated or user-typed from the same operating environment.