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A modern web-based solution for the Enterprise’s Resources Planning (ERP)

Commercial Transactions Management (Purchases, Sales), Warehouse & Material Management, Financial Management (Finance, General Accounting, Assets Management) are integrated with a variety of reports – statements and data exchange (EDI) capabilities with collaborators.

While exporting files – data on the compliance of tax authorities all the above create an overall environment that provides the necessary information for the proper monitoring and control of modern businesses.

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Business Vision can be easily adapted to the requirements and specific needs of every enterprise regardless of its size and field of activity.

We contribute to the digital transformation of your business, with new technologies, innovative ideas and philosophy in a short time because of every healthy business effort is worthwhile and must pay off.

We optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your business and increase your reliability, while we minimize your operating costs.

We provide additional functionalities of electronic transactions and additional e-services which give the advantage to your business in the competitive environment of our era.

Business Vision can operate by installing into the enterprise computer room or in a Data Center. However, the access can be granted through internet or intranet by any device (PC, tablet, laptop, mobile).

It is the proper solution for distance working with full use of all its capabilities which provides the maximum security an

  • Business Vision is multilingual and flexible providing high level performance
  • It offers several advanced functionalities
  • It is installed in one point and has minimum requirements for the operation even in groups of companies or in companies that have multiple allocations (Branches Warehouses, Distribution Centers etc).
  • As a web based solution, it provides the highest level of Security
  • It supports multiple users
  • It can be interoperable with other inhomogeneous systems and applications
  • Business Vision adopts the most modern technologies and offers alternative ways of utilization
  • It reduces the operating costs
  • It increases the efficiency and reliability of your enterprise(s) and ensures immediate monitoring & control as well as overall management.
  • It is a multifunctional tool offered at a low cost.
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