iLS Plus (CRM - ERP & WMS) for Logistics | iFORM Information Technologies
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iLS Plus (CRM – ERP & WMS) for Logistics

iLS Plus (ERP, CRM & WMS) για Logistics

The iLS Plus (Integrated Logistic System Plus) consists of an integrated web-based solution which meets with the needs of any enterprise operation, concerning the supply chain either for third parties (3Party Logistics) or for the companies themselves.

As an integrated solution, it supports the capabilities and characteristics of an improved Warehouse Management System (WMS), an advanced Enterprise Resources Planning System (ERP) and an effective B2B/B2C tool.


The iLS Plus is flexible, adjustable, customizable, expandable, user-friendly and easy to use. Using the above system:

The business processes of the supply chain are optimized

The requirements of managing of the Enterprise Recourses are met

The electronic in corporate transactions and transactions between associates or customers, B2B /B2C, are supported.

The integrated solution which has been developed by using well known web technology (php), is accessible worldwide through any device (PC, tablet, mobile phone etc), expandable, customizable and adjustable to the needs of each company. The system provides interoperability with other IT Solutions or Applications.

iLS Plus, by providing many capabilities, supports small, medium and large enterprises of the supply chain even though they operate in different sites. Moreover, the system, at the same time, supports the work of Customers, Depositors and Depositors’ Customers, thus providing a wide range of added value services.

  • This multifunctional system supports all business processes ERP, WMS, B2B/B2C (all in one)
  • It is accessible through the internet or intranet and, being in a single point of installation, the following group of users can be supported simultaneously. Specifically:
    • The company and its branches or different operational places
    • The Salesmen inside and outside the company
    • The network of associates – customers – collaborators
    • The Depositors and their Customers (In case of 3PL)
  • The system contributes to the expansion of your associates’ network, to the reduction of servicing time and to the optimization of the quality of your services.
  • It is reliable and has remarkable performance and security
  • It incorporates high capabilities (e.g electronic documents, automated receiving procedures, inter-transfers, updates etc)
  • It has minimum time requirements (less than one month) for installation, adaption to the company’s needs, set up, user training and start up of the operation.
  • It is installed in a single point used by enterprises which operate in different places. The system has minimum hardware requirements.
  • It reduces the running cost of your company
  • It provides you with many capabilities and is offered at low initial and after sale/supporting cost.