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The integrated solution effectively covers the management of the financial resources of the Public Entities and the Social Insurance Institutions (Organizations, Funds, Hospitals, etc.). At the same time, in a single automated environment, the requirements of  Presidential Decree 80/2016 (Commitment Register) are met.

Real-time control

It is a centralized, homogeneous, high performance online system that covers the needs of managing Services across multiple locations across the Territory with a facility that provides centralized and decentralized real-time control with minimal operating costs.

The structure of the system has the ability to cover the operating Services as independent entities with independent financial monitoring or Services that have a common financial monitoring. To this end, the system manages the Services on four distinct levels without any limitation of their number in each level

Through this system in real time and without any additional transfer or data collection process, it is possible to monitor and control all or all of the supervised Services.

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