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Technology – Εnvironment

The integrated solutions which i Form Information Technologies provides have been developed by using PHP technology and based on our software framework. Our framework is independent from third software suppliers. The solutions can be easily expanded and adapted to your company’s needs. Furthermore, we develop new applications according to our clients’ requirements (custom applications).

The main features of the platform are:

  • Our software platform has been developed with internationally recognized web-enable technology.
  • The systems follow the (n-tear) architecture
  • The application software runs on all widely known operating systems (Windows, Unix, Linux etc)
  • The Systems can operate by every RDBMS such as Oracle, MS SQl Server, Sybase, MySQL etc.
  • Our Applications are 100% thin client and accessible through the internet on any device (PC, laptop, tablet, Mobile Phone)
  • The software interface is simple to use, user friendly and offers a unique way of presenting data.

  • The systems have been developed with modular architecture thus ensuring high performance and allowing future extensions, replacements or modifications of discrete segments of the software.
  • The systems are fully operative in extranet or intranet.
  • The systems have minimum hardware requirements, so they are low cost solutions
  • They are properly designed to work in a multi – user environment (more than 1.500 users)
  • The systems are multi lingual, so each connected user can perform in a different language.
  • They provide a Full Security & Control sub-system which manages the user’s rights and authorizations on process and functionality basis.


  • The systems take full advantage of the barcode technology and are capable of integrating RFID techniques.
  • They support audit trail capabilities in master files and data.
  • They also support electronic statements which can be fully managed according to the EU regulations.
  • The systems generate and produce all statements and reports in PDF format, ensure their management concerning functionalities such as copy, preview, save and send with the maximum security.
  • They can be fully parameterised (100%)
  • Pre-built statistical reports and Business Intelligence capabilities are included in the systems
  • For the installation, customization to the company’s needs, training and starting of the full operation one month is approximately needed.
  • Our company has developed the necessary tools and established the proper procedures for migrating the data from other systems and applications.

It can be easily and quickly expanded and adapted to the needs of each Organization or our clients’ requirements (custom applications).