DYNAPACK Packaging & Logistics - iLS Plus [All in One] | iFORM
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DYNAPACK Packaging & Logistics: (ERP & WMS)

Implementation of Operational Resources Management System, and Inventory Management System


Within this project, the Integrated Enterprise Resource and Inventory Management (ERP) & (WMS) for Logistics companies (iLS Plus) was installed and put into full operation.


The system fully covers the management and information needs of the business as a Logistics (3PL) and Refill Service Provider, their Resellers and Reseller Customers, including B2B & B2C functions.


Within the framework of this project services were provided:


  • For the organization of sites and stocks (siting, classification, categorization, labeling etc.)
  • The migration of data from the previous information system to the new,
  • The training of users of all levels in processes and functions
  • The parameterization – initialization of the information system in order to adapt it to the best needs of the company.