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Business Vision ERP “JEWEL”

Business Vision ERP  “JEWEL EDITION”

Business Vision ERP is an integrated information system for managing the Enterprise Resources, a state-of- the-art solution customized to cover special needs on the enterprise field of jewelry and valuable gifts.

Business Vision ERP is an improved web-enable information system, simple and easy to use, providing many functionalities and automated operational processes thus allowing it to be an effective enterprise tool.

Why choosing Business Vision ERP “JEWEL EDITION”:

  • It effectively contributes to monitoring and controlling business processes at remarkable speed and security.
  • It can manage in a proper way multiply warehouses, storage rooms, windows, safe boxes etc
  • All item categories are managed with their characteristics (metal, carats, stone etc.)
  • Each item is managed with Bar-code label (Unique per piece).
  • Full tracing capabilities per item/piece.
  • It comprises of functionalities concerning electronic transactions B2B and B2C, aiming at the expansion of sales networks and building new co-operations.
  • It increases the reliability of your company, minimizing servicing time.
  • It Minimizes mistakes due to human factor.
  • It incorporates high capabilities (e.g electronic documents, automated receiving procedures, updates etc)


  • It is accessible worldwide through any device (PC, tablet, mobile phone etc).
  • It is multilingual, flexible, customizable, expandable, user-friendly and easy to use. It has the ability to be connected with other IT systems or applications.
  • It has minimum time requirements (less than one month) for installation, adaption to the company’s needs, set up, user training and start up of the operation.
  • It is installed in a single point used by enterprises which operate in different sites. It has minimum hardware requirements.
  • It reduces the operational cost of your company
  • It provides you with many capabilities and is offered at low initial and after sale/supporting cost.
  • Business Vision ERP JEWEL EDITION is addressed to any small, medium or large company,

The system provides high level parameterization, so it can meet with the requirements and special needs of each enterprise, regardless of its size.